Thursday, February 2, 2012



Social Malady is more than inevitable
it has been an orbicular phenomenon
that goes on and on in ever generation
filling up norms to our senses,
giving us a sweet taste of projected reality,
and suffocating us with altered facts.
It is a disease and people are so addicted
that they just suck it.

As an antidote to this proliferated affliction
A group of artists will set out a
series of images – dabbed, painted, sprayed and inked.
Every piece will tell a story of
scathe realities, liquified dreams and
smoked melodies that will take off in all direction.
Just like a pain-killer that will neutralize a
disease and will give you a natural high.

Each artists individuality will be a transfusion
of thoughts rendered to showcase
fresh realities that will stream down to new generations.
Spectators will taste the bitter-sweet tales of sickness
and they will get addicted that they will just
suck it!

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012
6:00 - 9:00 pm
1921 Oroquieta st. Sta. Cruz Manila
Sigwada ArtGallery

Angelica Lorente
Dennis Bato
Errol Orbida
Genepaul Martin
Jimmuel Magat
Jomer Bolesa
Luis Chua
Morgan Martinito
Potti Lesaguis
Sid Valdez
Tawnie Tantay