Thursday, March 10, 2011


My paintings are all about life and what I perceive as real.
Often times I am alone, curiosity will always occupy my senses.
I’ll always think why things happen and it really keeps me wondering if I am an unlucky person for all the misfortunes that is happening in my life.
But despite everything else, I always consider myself lucky for I may not be experiencing the worst problems unlike other people.

I also want to share what I feel with other people, thinking that maybe we’re sharing the same feeling and thinking the same thoughts. Just like sharing my bizarre dreams, to which it came from? I don’t know.

Walking the streets of manila is my favorite past time, this is where I usually formulate my concepts. Street art is my passion, and this is my greatest influence. Apart from the streets, my problems and emotions are the foundation of my inspiration, and this is where I incorporate love and respect in my artworks and inspirations.

Respect is important. In my place, respect is important, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been to, what matters is you know how to give and pay respect to others, because respect is the beginning of everything. You have to respect other before they start to respect you—this is my dictum in life.

Love is crucial. If you will analyze everything, every one is taught how to appreciate love. Everyone knows how to love someone, especially when you’re talking about your family.

People see our craft as a waste of time, but I will prove them wrong. I want to show them that this is my passion and this is what makes me happy as a person.